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Rash indicates disease

Rash indicates disease Rash, itching on the skin, or some people have a rash on their body but it doesn’t itch, or a rash that is itchy and accompanied by a fever. These rashes can Rash indicates disease indicate disease. Because just a few small

Robins Proud Coventry Makes FA Cup Classic.

Coventry City manager Mark Robins is disappointed that. They came so close to the FA Cup final but ended up losing to Manchester United in a penalty shootout. Coventry, Championship club Showing determination from being behind 0-3 to equalize with Manchester United 3-3 until having

How to treat stomach cancer

How to treat stomach cancer. Assistant Professor Dr. Thatchatham Suksombooncharoen Cancer unit Department of Internal Medicine Chiang Mai University Explains the treatment methods for this type of cancer: “Treatment of gastric cancer requires the cooperation of a team of doctors in various fields, such as surgeons, radiologists, and cancer specialists. To plan an effective