Let’s check your body with a health check.

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Let’s check your body with a health check.

Our bodies, of course, have quite a few complex systems within our bodies. Our bodies are like cars that can be damaged or damaged. Therefore, we should go for a physical examination to find things that will cause damage to our bodies. myself

Many of you are probably thinking, why do we go for a physical examination to find disease.

When nowadays we can live our lives normally without having to worry about anything? But for a physical examination, of course, we go to check for abnormalities in our body because In our body, there are various work systems that are complex and numerous, and the various systems of our body have only important parts. In order for us to be able to สมัคร ufabet survive each day, therefore, a physical exam is to check the body to see if we have any abnormalities or not, because if there are, we will be able to find a cure in order to make our body stay with us longer. Physical examination: We should go for a physical examination every year to check our physical health, our vision, or any diseases that may come with us. In a way that we don’t realize, when should we have a physical examination or at what age? Today we will explain to you how beneficial a physical examination will be and at what age we should have a physical examination. Let’s see.

Actually, a physical examination is important for everyone, every gender and every age because it is a way to check the health of our body to see if there are any abnormal symptoms or not. It also allows us to get to know our own body even more. Because we will know that our body has abnormal points or damaged points. Is it something or not? Because if there is an abnormality, we will be able to find a cure. The sooner we find the abnormality, the sooner we will be able to treat it. Only more

Annual health check for each age group

From our physical examination To find abnormalities in our body from what we have said above, but some diseases occur in people of different ages. Therefore, annual health check-ups are very important because the longer the time passes, the older we will be. Increasingly, some diseases tend to occur as people age. Let’s go see. Annual health examination for each age group to look for any abnormalities in the body. Let’s take a look.

women’s health examination

If women are 30 years of age or older and have had sexual intercourse, they should receive treatment. Cervical cancer screening To check for HPV and when we are about 40 years old and up, we should go for breast cancer screening at least once a year or for various diseases that can occur.

Men’s health check

If men are around 50 years of age or older, they should go get tested for prostate cancer once a year because at this age they are more at risk. And for any men who smoke. Drinking alcohol, these things will have a negative effect on our body. We should go for a health check every year for our health.

health check For people of all ages

health check Most importantly, it’s your man. And women, starting from around 40 years of age, should be checked for gastrointestinal infections. and examine the abdomen to look for abnormalities in the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys, etc., and if the age is approximately 50 years or older, you should go Check the fitness of the heart or other diseases that can occur.

You see, getting a health check isn’t scary at all. Even though we say that nowadays there’s nothing abnormal,

We can live our lives normally and happily. But let’s think about when we’re older, if we have Disease that has not yet shown symptoms Then go out and show symptoms When we get older It can have a negative effect on our body, including having a negative effect on our life directly. Therefore, the more we go for a health check to find the cause and abnormalities of the body for your own peace of mind and If there really is an abnormality, you will quickly find a way to treat it so that it can be cured. and have good health as usual