Let’s get to know Let’s talk about obesity.

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Let’s get to know Let’s talk about obesity.

Obesity, everyone probably knows that. It is not a dangerous disease. But it should not be overlooked because obesity can have a negative effect on health. shorten lifespan Including increased health problems such as difficulty breathing, snoring, and getting tired easily.

A body that has too much fat or has more fat than normal and has a body weight.

That exceeds the standard. We can explain the condition easily because when we eat or eat too much food, the body will receive too much energy. It will get energy in Each day that is too much and will accumulate in our body, causing fat to accumulate ยูฟ่าเบท and can be the cause of obesity itself. At present, World Health Organization Surveyed the obesity situation around the world. and have found information that has increased more than 2 times per year in people who are obese There will be risks. That is higher than normal people.

That will cause us to develop various diseases such as colon cancer and many other diseases because obesity will cause the body’s metabolic system (metabolic system) and system. Various hormones in our body can become disorganized or distorted from walking, and obesity can cause many other complications. Obesity can also reduce our happiness in life. Obesity can divided into approximately 2 main types: abdominal obesity and total body obesity.


Belly obesity is a characteristic of obese people. That there is an accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and there is fat accumulated in various organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach and others in our body. Fat that is accumulated in different parts. Various things in the body can cause various complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Coronary heart disease Stroke and hypercholesterolemia. We can easily observe the belly circumference. If the circumference of our sac increases every 5 hours, it will increase the chance of diabetes by about 3 – 5 times.

Fat all over

            Most people who are obese It will be a patient who has more fat all over the body than normal people and the fat will accumulate in every position of the body. It is not limited to one place in particular. Some people, in addition to being completely obese, are also abdominally obese. And there is also a chance of various complications that can follow, such as diseases caused by excessive weight, including: Arthritis, joint pain, osteoarthritis, back pain, and respiratory system problems.

So how can we notice or know if we are obese?

Obesity can easily observe. Obesity can determined by body weight and the amount of fat in the body. How much or how little there is? And as for measuring the amount of fat in the abdomen and measuring the amount of fat under the skin in the abdominal area, it will indicate whether you are abdominally obese or not. But when we measure the amount of fat in the body. It requires special equipment and costs money, but in practice, the BMI is used. For diagnosing total obesity and measuring waist circumference for diagnosing abdominal.

The main cause of obesity

Getting too much energy from food  eating Too much food and getting too much fat each day is necessary. It can cause because of the fat that accumulates in the body. our quantity Too much will cause the various systems of the body to work harder and the energy metabolism system. Inability to burn energy per day in time will result in us being born is the disease itself.

Lack of exercise.  Lack of exercise will result in less energy or calorie burning, and the more we eat a lot of food. And lack of exercise will cause the energy metabolism to not be equal and will cause accumulation. of body fat Can cause.

genetic risk  Heredity affects up to 50 percent. If any family has parents who are obese The resulting offspring have an 80% chance of being obese. I’ll tell you.

As for obesity, we can easily prevent it by exercising, eating food or eating nutritious food, avoiding fried foods, high-fat foods, or high-sugar foods. This alone can prevent obesity and other diseases that will follow.