Rash indicates disease

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Rash indicates disease

Rash, itching on the skin, or some people have a rash on their body but it doesn’t itch, or a rash that is itchy and accompanied by a fever. These rashes can Rash indicates disease indicate disease. Because just a few small rashes are a danger signal.

dengue fever

Dengue fever is a disease that spreads heavily during the rainy season. And it is a contagious disease that you should be careful about. The rash indicating that it is caused by dengue fever can be observed to be similar to the itchy rash from mosquito bites, but this rash is usually spread all over the body. and will notice that If it is dengue fever, the patient will have a high fever. But there is no cough or runny nose. And the bleeding spots of dengue fever do not feel rough on the hand like in measles. And when the skin is pressed and pulled tight, the rash will not fade away like a rash from a normal mosquito bite. If you have the following symptoms along with a high fever all the time The patient should be taken to the doctor immediately for treatment.


For people who have had a fever for a while Along with coughing, Rash indicates disease sore throat, runny nose, red face, red eyes, not being able to tolerate light, then another 3-4 days later you will notice a slightly raised red-brown rash on the body. The rash began on the head before spreading to the face, and later on the arms and legs. Spread all over the body in order. These rashes may be slightly itchy. It will feel rough when you hold it. In addition, if there are small white or yellow spots the size of a sesame seed on the cheek near the lower molar teeth Be suspicious of measles first. Because these symptoms are exactly right. This disease is very easily transmitted. But it can be cured according to the symptoms.

German measles

Measles and rubella are not the same disease. But different strains of viruses that cause symptoms are different. Including the nature of the rash that appears on the body. The rubella rash is a small, pink bump that will start as a rash on the face first. It then spreads to the body and arms. The rash on the body occurs after having a low-grade fever for 2-3 days, accompanied by a headache.

Palpation reveals lumps behind the ears and nape of the neck, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, red eyes, joint pain. Most importantly, the rash associated with rubella is less common. and heals faster than the measles rash. This may because the virus that causes rubella is a virus that is less severe than the virus that causes measles. The treatment for rubella is mostly symptomatic. and wait for the disease to disappear by itself Because the symptoms of this disease are not severe and can disappear on its own within 1-2 weeks

However, whether measles or German measles Rash indicates disease It is classified as a contagious disease that can be transmitted by touching secretions on surfaces. And apply it to the soft tissues of the mouth, nose, eyes, and some can be contacted through coughing and sneezing. Therefore, in addition to vaccination against rubella, Another easy way to prevent disease is to wash your hands regularly. Especially before eating And try not to use your hands to pick, pick, carve, or scratch the organs on your face.


If the rash on the body looks like raised, clear bumps, is accompanied by itching and fever. And when you start to have a fever, there will be clear raised bumps that spread all over your body. The itchy rash that occurs in the beginning starts to dry up and scab over. The new itchy rash is a red rash or clear bumps, indicating that the itchy rash may have occurred. from chicken pox Which is caused by the Varicella virus (Varicella virus) or Human herpes virus type 3 and chicken pox is also a contagious disease. It is transmitted through direct contact with the blisters or by coughing, sneezing, and touching each other. You can also become infected.

But this disease is not very dangerous. And it can disappear on its own within 1-3 weeks if there are no other complications. Therefore, chickenpox patients should rest. And drink lots of water. If you have a high fever, use paracetamol to reduce the fever. But you shouldn’t use aspirin. Because it may cause brain and liver symptoms. Until it can cause death In addition, you should take a shower. And use soap to clean the skin. Also, you should cut your nails short. and avoid scratching Which may also cause infection.


Many people don’t know that small rashes that appear on the skin on the elbows, knees, arms, legs, and head are psoriasis rashes. A common chronic inflammatory skin disease, the rash of psoriasis looks like a red rash with clear edges. There will be white flakes on Rash indicates disease the rash. It looked like there were white flakes like silver covering it. Therefore this disease is called psoriasis.


In the case of a rash with red raised circles or a rash with various red raised shapes on the skin, it is a rash that develops suddenly. When scratched, it is very itchy. And after scratching, the red rash will be clearly visible. This type of rash could be a rash caused by hives, especially if these rashes occur after eating food such as seafood, fermented food, or substances mixed in food such as MSG or preservatives. Food coloring or rashes after drinking alcohol After receiving certain medicines such as serum or after being poisoned by insects, animal bites, dust, pollen, certain types of fur, kapok, or various chemicals, the rash appears for only 3-4 hours and after that the rash and itching will disappear. Go yourself. And a rash may occur again when encountering such stimulants.

skin allergy

The rash will be itchy. The more you touch the rash, the more itchy it will be. This disease usually occurs in people with dry skin. Or the skin is very dry and the rash and itchy symptoms are chronic. The itchy rash usually occurs in the folds of the joints, such as both Rash indicates disease arms and legs, or if it is severe, it may spread throughout the body.

If you have an acute allergic reaction, there will be red and itchy sores, and there may be small clear blisters with lymph oozing from the surface of those blisters. You may also have symptoms of a bacterial skin infection. In addition, some patients may have a chronic rash with raised patches. dry, flaky skin or scabs caused by scratching

food allergy

Food allergies are common diseases. It has many symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rashes on the skin, swollen lips, tongue and mouth, and difficulty breathing. In some cases, it may be severe enough to cause shock. However, symptoms can occur suddenly. Or occurs hours or days after eating the food you are allergic to. Foods that often cause allergic reactions include eggs, cow’s milk, seafood, chemicals in food such as food coloring, preservatives, MSG, and certain proteins. Such as gluten protein, etc.

autoimmune sweat disease

If you notice that the rash looks like a pimple. And in some cases, there may be red patches on the skin as well, as well as rashes and itching that usually occur after sweating. It can be assumed that you have an allergic reaction to your own sweat. The rash from your own sweat allergy occurs only when you sweat, especially if your rash usually occurs in areas that sweat a lot, such as the folds, groin, or neck. Around the eyes and around the face, etc.

However, this disease is not much of a concern because Rash indicates disease the rash and itching will go away on their own after taking a shower and cleansing the body until clean. Except for anyone who has a very severe sweat allergy. Itchy bumps that look like pimples are inflamed. In this case, you should immediately see a dermatologist to find the cause of the abnormality.

Contact dermatitis

The name of the disease clearly https://ufabet999.app indicates that it is an allergic reaction to contact. This means that itchy rashes or non-itchy rashes occur after exposure to various objects, substances, or stimulants. However, this disease does not always occur in everyone. But it is only people who lack immunity to that type of stimulant, thus causing the symptoms of an allergic rash. By observing this disease, it can be seen that the allergic rash appears only on the area of ​​the skin that has been in contact with the stimulant. It does not occur all over the body like urticaria.

For example, if you are allergic to dishwashing liquid, the rash will appear on your hands. Allergic to underwear washing liquid. A rash may appear on the Rash indicates disease front of the legs, between the legs, on the chest. Or, some people are allergic to dye. If their arm comes into contact with the paint, the rash will appear on the arm. If you are allergic to the watch band you wear, a rash will appear on your wrist, for example.