Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.

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Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.

During this time, many countries are experiencing serious problems with the COVID-19 virus, including Thailand as well. In addition to wearing a face mask, you must protect yourself from the inside as well. Adding vitamin C to your body is another way to help protect against the COVID-19 virus as well.

Vitamin C is a that we are familiar with. is very useful. More than we think. When we were children, we probably only knew that ufabet helps prevent scurvy, but Vitamin C is beneficial to the body both externally and internally. is still found in abundance. Among the vegetables and fruits near you, if you want to your body, what types of fruits and vegetables that are high should you eat to stay healthy and stay away from colds and colds? Helps prevent COVID-19 as well.

Benefits of Vitamin C

– Vitamin C is good for the skin. Vitamin Cis an anti-oxidant. Therefore, it helps protect cells in the body from being destroyed, making the skin look youthful, making the skin radiant. naturally

– Helps prevent cancer. has the effect of neutralizing free radicals. and stimulate the immune system. It is believed that eating may help prevent occurrence of cancer Research has found that eating fruits and vegetables is high in Vitamin C at doses starting from 200 milligrams per day. Helps reduce risk The occurrence of oral cancer Esophageal cancer Stomach cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer

– Helps reduce severity. of the common cold from experimental studies It was found that eating vitamin C on a daily basis In general it may not help. Prevents the occurrence of the common cold, but reduces the severity and duration of the common cold. Makes symptoms less severe and heal faster But for athletes Or people who exercise heavily, taking may help prevent the flu at all.

Vegetables and fruits that help add Vitamin C  to the body.


100 grams contains 29.1 milligrams

Lemons are rich in which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Helps in the absorption of iron for use to benefit the body, helping heal wounds to heal faster. Helps treat scurvy and colds.


100 grams contains 61 milligrams

Grapefruit is high in water, which helps reduce body heat when you have the flu. Thai traditional medicine textbook Use the leaves or flesh of the pomelo. Grind a compress on the forehead Helps absorb heat Out of the body can also reduce headaches.


100 grams contains 160 milligrams

Guava is rich in vitamin C which helps maintain Regarding oral and dental health very well In addition to foreigners taking care of Oral health It also helps strengthen collagen. Make your skin radiant Guavas are high in dietary fiber, which helps the digestive system work well, helping to reduce symptoms of diarrhea and diarrhea.


100 grams contains 92.7 milligram

Kiwis provide 2 times more than oranges, and are lower in calories. Contains antioxidants that strengthen the body’s immune system, prevent colds, and make the skin radiant and bright.


100 grams contains 58.8 milligrams

High in Vitamin C compared to other types of fruits. It helps strengthen collagen, making the skin strong and preventing colds.