Dragon Tiger Online game is easy play than you think.

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Dragon Tiger Online game is easy to play than you think.

Hello all readers In this article, I will review how to play Dragon Tiger online. Come up by  ทางเข้า UFABET some people may call it dragon tiger, depending on what this game is, a card game at live casinos. It is very similar to the game of Baccarat. but it’s easier to think Which finds the winner from who has the highest score wins that in this article, I will teach everyone from the basics. Until playing, it’s not difficult. Let’s see.

What is Dragon Tiger?

It is a card game that bets in casinos easily, similar to baccarat, but only has different methods of dealing and calculating face points, which side between the tiger and the dragon gets more points, that side will win.

how to deal cards At the Dragon Tiger table, the staff will deal only 1 card per side and wait to show the cards to see the points on the face of the cards. Whoever has more will win. It’s not hard to play, right? because you don’t have to calculate many things like baccarat There is no rule of thumb. Deal cards. Open immediately. What number you see? It’s that number.

counting the points on the face of the cards

The points on the face of the cards are not difficult to count by

  • A (Ace) has a value of 1.
  • 1-10 has a value according to the face of the card.
  • J (jack) has a value of 11
  • Q (Queen) has a value of 12.
  • K (King) has a value of 13.

For example   , the staff dealt cards to Tiger’s side and Dragon’s side are J and 7 respectively, showing that the Tiger side has a card value of 11 and the Dragon side has a card value of 7. Like this, the Tiger wins.

payout rate

tiger or dragon

In this online Tiger and Dragon card game, if you bet on the Tiger or Dragon side, which side has bigger cards? or the number of points more than that side wins The winner will receive a payout ratio of 1:1 or down 100 will get a profit of 100 baht immediately. No commissions are deducted for the casino.


But if it’s always out is that the points on both sides are equal When you invest in Tiger or Dragon, the tie holder gets 8 times the payout, but if you invest in the Tiger or Dragon, half 50% of the invested capital is deducted. The remaining 50% will be returned to you.

Tiger Even Odd or Dragon Even Odd

The main bets on the table are bets on Tigers or Dragons or Ties. or in this section will call side bets No casino commissions are charged. There will be rules for winning as follows.

  • If the tiger has a number in pairs to win
  • Out with an odd number of tigers to win
  • Draw dragons with even numbers to win.
  • Dragon with odd numbers to win

In all cases, the payout ratio is 1:1, meaning that if you bet 100 baht and you win, you will get back 100 baht, and in all cases, if the point is a number 7, you will always lose.