How to play fish shooting games and techniques to win

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How to play fish shooting games and techniques to win

How to play fish shooting game with UFABET. There is nothing much You just use your gun to shoot the fish that are floating around. Will get more points than killing fish where each fish has a different score, the minimum is 2 points

The number shown on the gun is your stake for each shot, ranging from 5 – 100 baht if the fish is killed. The payout is the stake x the score of the fish if it is a big fish. More energy, you may need more shots. can be easily observed from the size of the fish If the big fish come to guess first, they will die harder than the small fish.

How to play fish shooting game with winning techniques

  1. Use less ammunition to win. How to play fish shooting game ? It’s very hurtful to shoot a fish that has only 4 points but uses 10 bullets, is it worth it? Did you know that a fish with only 4 points can use 3-4 bullets to kill the fish?
  2. Do not ignore the small fish Many people focus mainly on the big fish because they see that they can score a lot. By forgetting to think that besides not killing fish, it also wastes a lot of ammunition. The best way to do it is to take advantage of small corners. by way of rotating the barrel around The table and then shoot each shot one by one for the bullets to go in different directions. If going in the same direction, there is a high chance that only one fish will die. And most importantly, you should shoot slowly, focusing so that each bullet hits the fish fully.
  3. How to play the master fish shooting game is to shoot into the wall to make the bullet bounce back to the fish. While the bullets haven’t reached the fish, you fire the projectiles directly at the fish. This way you can fire 2 shots at the same time. The mortality rate is likely to be high.