Arteta takes responsibility for leading Arsenal out of the Carabao Cup.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admits his guilt after leading his team out of the Carabao Cup. The Gunners lost to West Ham with a score of 1-3 in the Carabao Cup 4th round on Wednesday night. Causing the Gunners to park their markers just like this.

“I am very disappointed. And I am the person who takes responsibility for that. It was a poor performance. We didn’t go out and fight well enough. Earlier I tried to remind them (the players). What was in store in the next 48 hours and how important the game was.ทางเข้า UFABET

“Overall we are nowhere near the level we need to show. This is football and everything. The game is different. What happen a few days ago (a 5-0 win over Sheffield United) is a thing of the past.

“We didn’t threaten enough. I want to see more of that from the team. There are many things that need to be improve.

“What we have to take from today’s game is that. We have to get use to these methods to beat Newcastle on Saturday. It hurts, but that’s what we have to do now. Arsenal

“Like every player, every player wants to do their best. We didn’t do that and we were eliminated.”