Carlo Ancelotti, Manchester United’s pick

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Carlo Ancelotti, Manchester United‘s pick

Until now, Manchester United ‘s board has yet to tell fans that they will bring in a permanent manager after Ralph Rangnick this summer.

One, it could be because it is at a crucial juncture of the season, whether Mauricio Pochettino and Paris Saint-Germain or Erik ten Hag and Ajax Amsterdam both want. Concentrate on leading the team to success before the season ends. Reported by UFABET

Although the hot name “Posh” is expect to be the next coach. But voices coming from Paris were unclear whether or not they would release the Argentine boss or not.

Ten Hag also appears to have quieted down despite the support from Red Devils fans who want to see the team return to a frantic attacking game while shaping up youngsters into the first team like they did with A. Jax is in this moment.

As for the others, there was almost no news from Brendan Rodgers or even Zinedine Zidane.

But a few days ago, one name unexpectedly popped up in the media: the current Real Madrid head coach, Carlo Ancelotti.

Why does it have to be this name?

Manchester Evening News Has analyzed why Anche became one of the candidates to take over the reins of Manchester United in the summer. that’s because This is an experienced coach who will be able to deal with the Red Devils’ ego.

Because when looking back at each manager. Who is drawn into the army. After Sir Alex Ferguson, whether it is David Moyes, Fluis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solcha will find that the characters are all the best.

They are simmering and ready to deal with both the players and the board all the time. They have to give up to Grandfather Louis and Aunt Mu. Although these two will help United have a championship in hand. But the players don’t like to be disrespectful. The board doesn’t take it, there are only problems, they have to keep their stuff out of the team.

As for the person whose name I didn’t reach The prestige is not like David Moyes. Despite being prais for his coaching at Everton. How much he was guarantee by Sir Alex Ferguson. Had to be applaud anyway because he couldn’t control the superstar. Stay and performance is not good enough

The last one, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. This person is white-haired, pigeon-type, ready to obey the board. Devotion to work, no matter what, ready to be friends with everyone until the team crashes. Plus the work is not a piece. Finally can’t stay

Even today’s Ralph Rangnick continues to have news emanating from the dressing room and training ground. Whether it’s about getting hit with an archaic. Training practice confusing tactics and dealing with some stars’ egos

All of this can’t deal with the ambitions and egos of the United players, nor can they make these players happy at work. That may be the reason why Ancelotti has become a name the media believes to be an attractive option.

Not to mention success, the former Juventus boss, AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Everton have all won major trophies. It’s all gone, whether it’s Football League Championship, Cup Football Championship and UEFA Champions League Which makes him one of the best profiled footballers in the modern world football world.