Klopp urges Liverpool board to continue.

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Klopp urges Liverpool board to continue signing Barcelona youngster.

Jurgen Klopp reportedly wants Premier League club Liverpool to move forward with Barcelona forward Gabi.

The 17-year-old has excell beyond. His years having successfully made his way into Azulgrana’s first team at the start of the season. And still have a form of play that is outstanding. Although the overall performance of the team is still not very good.

As a result, Barcelona have tried to offer Gavi a new contract as his current contract expires in 2023. But it appears the two sides have yet to reach an agreement.

El Nacional According to the Spanish media The youngster has a release clause of 50 million euros (around 41.8 million pounds). Which is not talk about much.

The report UFABET alleges that Liverpool are among a number of clubs interest in bringing Gabi to the club. With Klopp reportedly notifying the club’s board of directors to take immediate action.

Pablo Martin Paez Cabira, or “Gabi”, a talented midfielder from Barcelona. Set a record as the youngest player to have played for. The Spanish national team, at the age of only 17 years, 62 days, after starting as a starting point in the Nations League Finals semi-final game, the “Fierce Bull” invade Italy 2-1 on the day last wednesday