Owen predicts scores last Premier League game: Chelsea vs Watford

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Owen predicts + scores in last Premier League game: Chelsea vs Watford

Michael Owen, former Ballon d’Or winner Predict the results of the Premier League games. England’s final match between Chelsea vs Watford. Ready to put the score for the football fans to win high without being thrille.

“Chelsea’s midweek draw, I must say, was quite disappointing. Because even if there is a guarantee of 3rd place until there is nothing left to win. But their performances are below par for many electric poles,” Owen open up to UFABET.

“At the same time, I think this season Chelsea will be the one who is more disappointed than anyone else. Because at the beginning of the season, they were the favorites to win the championship with Manchester City at all. Which could not be denied that the problems outside the stadium. Such as the change of club owners. directly affecting them.”

“Watford would have want the season to end quickly knowing their team had been relegate. It was a bad year for the Hornet army rampant in many ways, especially about conceding so many goals that they didn’t know who to point the finger at. Because all sectors are destroy.”

Needless to say, tonight’s final game will be the 90 minutes that Chelsea have given their fans a beautiful farewell at their home ground. While Watford is no guess. I’m definitely going to get rip off again.”