Ten Hag believes Manchester United’s players are still in harmony.

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Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag says the team is not performing well. But I am confident that everyone will remain in harmony and ready to raise the level of play in the next game.

The Red Devils lost to Newcastle 0-3 at their own expense in the Carabao Cup Round 4 on Wednesday night. As a result, the former champion was eliminated in a shameful manner UFABET

“We know this is not good enough. We have to act responsibly, as I did. And apologize to the fans.” Ten Hag told Sky Sports.

“We have to recover from that. (After the booing reaction from the fans) And We have to act quickly. The next game is this Saturday (Fulham). We have to raise our standards. This is bad enough.

“I am sure the players will rise up and show unity within the team. This is bad enough, I take responsibility for it. We must stand together again.

“You only gain confidence when you want to play. You have to get the right results, stay in the game, win battles. Let’s do that together. There is no other way but to be in harmony. But you must have discipline and responsibility. That’s the important thing.

“We will go back to bed and then choose our team and tactics. The most important thing is that we prepare ourselves mentally.”