ter Stegen: La Liga shameful without goal line tech.

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Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is very disappointed. And it is a shame that La Liga doesn’t use goal-line technology in its football games.

Barcelona tried to protest that Lamine Yamal’s shot had crossed the goal line before Real Madrid goalkeeper Andre Lunin saved it. But without goalline technology it was difficult. It’s difficult to check. Because VAR doesn’t have a clear camera angle either. It was a disappointment for Barca who had to lose in the El Clasico game 2-3 UFABET 

Ter Stegen revealed after the game that “I have nothing to say about the lack of goalline technology. that they couldn’t find a good angle to investigate It is a shame for the game of football.”

“All the other leagues have it. The world is run on money. But there is no money for important things. I think that’s really a shame. But in the end We didn’t do enough to get the three points.”

According to Spanish outlet AS. La Liga is considering goal-line technology that costs 3-4 million euros per season. too expensive Compared to the number of times used per season. La Liga has chosen to use cameras on the goal lines. But it appears that only one camera was placed. And it was the side where Lunin completely covered the ball. causing no hope of any verification at all.